Lets talk some dirt……

It is almost Spring here in sunny southern California. That means it is time to start digging, cleaning up and preparing for your garden. What I plan to do with this blog is share my 2010 gardening experience with you. Do note that I am not an expert so by any means, if you have tips for me they would be greatly appreciated!

The main reason for this blog is because of the success I had last year with my vegetable/herb garden. OMG — so many people were asking me questions about how I did it, or how often to water or what kind of food, food? Yes plants need food, you do right? So this way, all of those friends and family that said they were going to grow a vegetable or two this year — can follow along with me, and I with you – and see how we do! This is going to be great fun.

The first thing I would like to show you is the area where I will be planting my 2010 garden. Below is a shot of the section of my yard dedicated to growing vegetables this summer. I will be using the planter bed all along the wall there on the left and also removing that large section of grass there on the back/right for four rows of veggies. I am so excited!

I am also so excited for this blog because I have been flooding my Facebook with gardening stuff and I am sure for some it’s cool but for others it may not be so this gives me a nice big space to do all my chatting about dirt!

My Dad was a professional gardener back in the 60’s and 70’s in the Long Beach area. I have a pic or two I will post of him and his equipment from back then. I have many memories of going with Dad to garden at Our Lady of Refuge church and other cool Long Beach locations. It is amazing to think he did raise six girls on his salary so he was doing quite well. I’ll have to dig up more pics.

Late this afternoon my boyfriend and I were able to finish clearing the grass off our new vegetable garden area. Sure we tossed most of the grass off to the site, that is because the dirt needs to be shake off. We need the dirt, it’s great dirt — and if were were to throw the big clods of grass/dirt into the trash, wow the can would weight 100lbs real quickly. So as time permits I will sit and shake dirt off the grass, throw the grass away and spread the dirt around. We also had time to rototiller our new garden section as well. You can see that part of it has shade, which I am a little concerned about. A garden needs sunshine! If you are planning a garden be sure to pick the part of your yard that has the most sunshine! Preferably 10 hours a day of sunshine. But also remember it is still winter and as the seasons change so does the earth on it’s axis so we are hoping that area will get even more sun as the summer nears. Also, zucchini did real way in partial shade last year so in the back of my mine I am putting my zuke’s there.


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