Digging the rows….

Spent a great deal of today in the yard. Digging the rows I want to plant into, although they need a little adjustment I will fix’em up with the rototiller this Friday. Going to till then add the organic matter and it’ll be ready for my April 3rd plant date.

Oh ya and I am still removing the grass as you can see from the beds along the sides. I have been letting the dirt dry up so it’s easier to shake it off and then toss the grass away. There is just so much! I have to realize nobody is going to save me by showing up and making it disappear so little by little… But I do intend to plant in the beds as well – I grew some awesome veggies in there last year and will do it again this year 🙂

If you aren’t already be sure to follow me on Twitter 🙂 you can see pics of me in the yard and things I encounter and snap with my iPhone.

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I purchased these seeds at Dollar Tree. I am going to test them to see if they actually make it. It will be interesting. Follow this project in my [project] area at the top of my blog.


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