Seedlings ……

I have started putting the seedlings into the ground. I believe that is what they are called, these pots that have the veggies in them ready to go. I make sure to have a bucket of water near by and I dunk the whole pot into the bucket, remove the plant and plant it according to the instructions on the package. Today I worked on the schematics of my garden as well. Of course you have to keep in mind what is going where, and it’s instructions or harvest ETA. More info tomorrow!

Be sure to follow me on Twitter too, I post pics while in the garden from my iPhone.

Yellow Tomatoes

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  1. Posted by Wendy Warner on March 25, 2010 at 1:41 am

    Hi there! I grew yellow pear tomatoes from seed over the fall. Be prepared for eight feet tall vines. This variety of tomato is extremely prolific. If you have any severe weather and the plant looks sickly, you can cut it way back and it will come back 10 fold. I started my fall tomatoes in doors and set them out in September (I live in florida) and enjoyed yummy yellow pear tomatoes through Christmas.

    I also tore up a section of yard on the side of my house, and have also taken over the area inside my circular driveway. This spring I have (so far) 19 tomatoes, potatoes (some in the ground and some in a bucket), peas amongst others.

    I love to photograph (and share) my garden as well. It is great fun! Enjoy!


  2. Oh wow you sound just like me!! Do you have a blog? I would love to check it out đŸ™‚ thanks for the info on the tomatoes – I am looking forward to that!


  3. I found the link to your blog from Facebook’s Gardener’s Supply Fan Page. Glad I did.
    I have enjoyed reading your blog.
    I’m growing a pear tomato this year also. Looking forward to eating tomatoes.


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