The start of my container garden.

You know, I always have more seeds that I know what to do with. Also when we start slipping plants there will be a ton of little pots around with nice little seedlings growing – so there you have it, your very own container garden. And the great thing is that you can put it anywhere you want it! What? Somewhere it will get at least six hours of sun you say? GREAT idea 😉

Here is a great website – do check it out! —>  Container Gardening Tips

Container gardens are GREAT for folks with no backyard or limited space or you live on the 3rd floor and want to have a container garden on your balcony. Wow that is so great 🙂 last year I read about quite a few very cool container/balcony gardens.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I LOVE container gardens…..and I love your blog! It’s fun to watch your progress and learn a few things at the same time! Thanks!!


  2. Thanks girl 🙂 it’s the calm before the storm I think – I remember last year when I had it all under control and the bam! Everything starting growing … up over the fence LOL


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