YaY it’s April…..finally

April finally! March did seem to drag a bit perhaps because I am waiting for spring to arrive, but it’s finally here. April is the start of the busy season in the garden with lots of seed sowings to be done. So these next couple days I’ll be going through my sowing plans and make sure I’m ready for everything to go into the ground.

What’s left you ask? Well I have a few packages of flower seeds that I got from my Dad and two packages of seeds from Burpee that I bought online. These I am so excited about. One is the Squash Zucchini Ball Mix. It says they are bushy plants that produce dozens of round, glossy zucchinis with a sweet, succulent flavor. They should be an intense deep green and shiny golden yellow. They should harvest in 40 days! YaY can’t wait. The other package of seeds I got from Burpee is a flower seed for Zinnia’s. It says these are an impressive mix of huge flowers covered with quelled and ruffled petals in all the best colors. 6″ blooms make great cuts and are ideal for beds and borders. Height 2′. Lastly from Burpee I got a little plant to put in the ground of my favorite lavender. It’s a sweet little seedling so hopefully it will adapt.

Totally cool I am so excited after a little bit of rain we got last night while we were sleeping. Just woke up to find things a little wet so that is good. The weather says it should be nice and sunny for the next week except a small chance of rain on Monday the 4th of April so we’ll see.

Oh yes also GREAT news is I was approved to participate in the City of Long Beach’s rain barrel pilot program. So they are dropping off a brand new FREE rain barrel that collects somewhere around 50 gallons of water. I am so excited I wish it was rain season again LOL well not really, but this will be so cool to collect rain that would have normally ran off into the street, and use it in my garden. I’ll talk more about that when it arrives.

This month includes Earth Day, do you participate in any Earth Day events or do anything special for the earth that day? I usually pick up trash somewhere around town.

Here is a pic of the lavender plant I will be finding a home for:


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Brit on April 1, 2010 at 10:25 pm

    I didn’t know the city was piloting a rain barrel program! How cool is that. John and I have talked about wanting a rain barrel (especially after all the rain we had this winter).


  2. They have 100 to give away visit that link and get your application in right away 🙂 http://www.longbeach.gov/citymanager/sustainability/rain_barrel/default.asp


  3. Thats great news! I wish my city was doing the same. Rain barrels have been on my to do list for quite some time. I keep saying ‘this year’. Time will tell if I say the same next year! Good luck with the pilot study!


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