Plant a seed – yes plant them now!

After planting all my flower seeds that I got in the mail I had a handful left. It is so different than when I was a kid and would just toss seeds everywhere or lay them down and cover them with dirt – now each seed not only costs money but each individual seed can/may/hopefully will produce a brilliant plant 🙂 so you have to be thoughtful. Here is a tip on how I planted the last handful of Zinnia seeds. After the soil is moist take a screw driver and make holes like those above. Then it’s easy to drop in one seed per hold and then cover all the holes with dirt or like I did use an upgraded Miracle Grow potting soil just to give them a little extra push, they should like that — we’ll see!

I am really hoping this area will take off as a flower bed – it is a good alternative to what I had there last year which was herbs, melons and pumpkins.

It is funny because I remember last year a few friends on Facebook were asking me, after I posted some harvest pics “OMG Colleen what did you put in your soil? How are you tomatoes growing so fast? How did you do it?” Which is one reason I wanted to blog this year so I could work with a few friends to see the best way to do things, compare notes and answer questions. Well the number one thing I have come to realize is: LOOK AT ALL THE TIME YOU HAVE TO PUT IN! Ya I mean a lot of people do plant and leave things alone and do very well but I think it’s all the extra time or as I call it – dirt time — where you are truly down on your knees planting things, arranging things, feeding them, cultivating — thinking 🙂 you know — that’s the way to have success in your garden.

Your thoughts?

ps by mid summer I will be out of pots! I can’t wait.

Hey next blog will be about SLIPS 🙂 YaY! We’re planting slips so get your root tone, scissors, pot and dirt ready!

Let’s make stuff!



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  1. I love the screwdriver holes. Brilliant!


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