Give Pease a Chance!

I read that peas are one of the easiest vegetables to grow for the first time gardener, yet I have not tried them. So, yup — I ordered some seeds and am putting them to the test. Peas do well in pots or you can put them in your garden if you have room. Plant the seeds about 2″ deep and 2-4″ apart in rows if applicable about 5′ apart. While they are growing into seedlings keep them nice and moist and well drained. Seedlings need about 1/2″ water per week. But once you see the seedlings ease up on the watering. Know that peas are a climbing plant so they will need support like a trellis or stakes. If you have them in pots like I do at this time, when they sprout I will leave them in the pots for 3 weeks and then transfer to a pot or garden. A cool tip I caught on Martha Stewart’s Garden Show the other day is plant them in 2 week increments and plant different types (shell, sugar, snap, etc.). You can continue to plant peas until the heat of summer starts and then resume planting in fall. The peas will be ready for harvest in accordance with their package but you can see they are ready for picking when they look a bit swollen and round — but not too big of course. Let me know how yours work out!


2 responses to this post.

  1. That’s awesome girl…..I can’t wait to try some of them in my garden!! Your blog is so awesome….so much great information and I love the photos!


  2. I love Peas! I started growing them last year and found them to be one of the most rewarding plants. The kids love them too! I have heard they are hard to grow too, although I had no problems myself.


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