A Gardening Experiment . . . .

Garden where you can right? I see so many cool blogs and articles online where people are getting so creative as to where they plant their garden. It made me try this….my portable cinder-block garden. Yup just got this cinder-block, put it on my lawn – filled it with dirt and a seed to grow green beans and we’ll see how it does. Sure when I mowed the lawn I had to mow around it. Then after I was down I moved it — yup just carefully dragged it far enough so I could mow where it was and also so the grass where it was would not die — pretty cool it’s awesomely portable! I moved it about a foot or so and each day I keep watering it and I am so curious — well of course it will grow but will the roots get down into the grass area? Will grass grow up into the dirt? I will let you know 😀 Doesn’t it look cool? LOL at least, if all else fails I will have somewhere to set a plate if I eat lunch in the backyard. I also think my next try at this will be to stack two or more blocks……What do you think?

I wanted to show you an updated shot of my garden because things are starting to grow! I can’t believe how nice and health they tomatoes and onions are doing and the potatoes are really surprising me on how busy and green the leaves are — I can’t wait. Oh ya you can see the row on the far right isn’t doing too well. Every time it rains there is no rain gutter there and water just comes right off the roof into that row so I am letting it be for now and as soon as summer fully arrives I will probably have to redo that row. Good thing I have plenty of seeds growing — they will go there when the time comes. Also put a new row of carrots in today – I am going to post a tutorial for how to plant carrots on my next blog – and I am going to start new carrots every two weeks so — there will be plenty to go around this summer. I love baking carrots!

Come on gardening buddy – we’re done for today …..and you look mighty thirsty!


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  1. This piece has an understated elegance, you only find in, let’s say, …. Home Depot.
    Refined lines and simple texture make for a sophisticated planter box.



  2. Love it!! Your garden is really coming along…….I can taste those delicious salads and BBQ’d Zucchinis already!


  3. Wow, now I like the cinder block garden. First of all, truly, it’s all the gardening I’d want to do. Having said that I did plant flowers about a month ago. I don’t know why, it just doesn’t do it for me! Anyway I was looking at the cute little cube and thinking what a cute decoration with a bunch of them around with flowers in them. I do, however, think you’re right, they might actually become root bound.


  4. Very Urban chic! I’m a big fan of found planters.


  5. You know what I love about the cinderblocks is that they seem to really hold moisture well, and roots tend to expand really well in them. I bet you could fashion a piece of landscape fabric to the bottom of it so that you could actually pick it up, or maybe even set it on a plastic tray with a few holes in the bottom for drainage,
    You garden is looking good. I was thinking a bit about your little flood too. Is there a gutter just above to the right. If no then it was probably due to roof run off, or if yes, maybe it has some leaves or something blocking it up causing some spill over?


  6. Yup Wendy you are right there is no rain gutter there and there needs to be one. I am hoping to get one up by Fall and hopefully another rain barrel, that would do the trick. Your idea about the landscape fabric on the bottom of the brick is a great idea that I am going to try. And by the way two seedlings popped out of the dirt in the cinder-block 😉 YaY


  7. Wow… this even inspires me to want to plant in the desert… in my non-existent backyard.


  8. LOL Paolo! Man it’s so hard to plant there, Lord knows I tried and everything died over night! My friend swears she has raised beds and grows all kinds of things but I have yet to see it …


  9. ps everyone today I actually lifted up the cinderblock and nothing fell out!! It was so strange I put my hand up inside and there was the dirt just staying nicely in place. I put the cinderblock on the cement now – details soon LOL


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