Planted Carrots……..

Does anyone watch Martha Stewart’s Gardening show? I record it and really enjoy her gardening and tips. Martha motivated me last week to plant a row of carrots. Also, planting carrots (or mostly anything for that matter) every two weeks will help regulate your garden. I do this all to often, plant everything at once! I planted 14 tomato plants ALL AT ONCE a few weeks ago LOL oh well my neighbors will be happy. Here is how I planted some carrots:

I always read the package first. It tells me exactly where and how to plant the seeds inside and also tells me approximately when to expect them to germinate and be harvested. The package has so much great information!

Work the dirt over real well because we know that carrots are root veggies — meaning we are actually growing and eating the roots, so the ground needs to be nice and light. I love what Martha taught me too on using a tool to make your line straight when sewing your seeds – as you can see in my garden things are not always lined up straight, which is fine too but it’s good to try! Sew your carrot seeds, push dirt over them and water lightly.

Check out the potatoes to the left? Can you believe that? I am so curious as to what they will look like when they are all done. And I hear too from fellow gardeners about growing potatoes in trash cans — that sounds good too. And yes that is a zuke right above my line of carrots and you know that zuke is going to get huge! I can’t wait LOL

I am also still babying the slips I made it looks like only a few will make it, which is great if they do. You can see the basil is doing great, man that basil is good! I grabbed a few more slips on my dog walk the other day so hopefully they will make it.

And of course, my gardening buddies…


4 responses to this post.

  1. Great tips! I have already sown my carrot seeds. It’s a first for me this year! I hope to have plenty of the munchable sticks later this summer! Good luck with yours!


  2. An exceptionally valuable post. Thank you for the post!
    keep going on.


  3. Thanks so much you two 🙂


  4. I cannot believe all the great information and photos you post! I love having a photo while I am reading about something….just like my favorite cookbooks have pictures so I know what to look forward to! Thanks and keep up the great posting!!


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