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Ten days to harvest!

As tomatoes begin to grow taller we realize why we were talking about support so much! It’s always better to start supporting your tomatoes when the plant is small — because soon they grow wild and out of control (see my photos). Even when they are in cages you may still find the need for a stake or two. Do all that you can to keep your plant supported to encourage healthy growth and lessen the chance of bugs. At this point you will also want to water your tomatoes often and use some food (10-10-10 is best for tomatoes). Miracle Grow works great for this purpose. Follow the instructions on the package and be sure to water early in the day! I would also try not to wet the leaves when applying food. You don’t need food on the leaves — it needs to be on the ground near the plant so it can reach the roots.

So STOP dreaming about fresh red tomato slices with some olive oil based mayonnaise spread between two slices of warm french bread!…..or stewed tomatoes, or freshly squeezed tomato juice! And, don’t forget all that rich lycopene that simply goes along for the ride!

Check out my tomatoes they are at the top of the fence!

They are waving to my neighbor Ann!

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My Garden Schematic!

I am so fortunate to have a few very awesome sisters! Shannon drew for me a schematic of my garden…Thanks Sis!

Succulents :) aren’t they pretty!

Succulents are so exciting! I never thought they would be so much fun. My sister Kerry’s great friend (and Master Gardner) Patty, came over to teach us about succulents today! How nice is that having a private lesson?! Patty teaches succulents to groups of Master Gardner’s in training. I hope that will be us some day. She also brought over a lot of slips from her succulents and taught us how to slip our own as well. Together we made quite a few beautiful arrangements! I think they are are so pretty!

A few other exciting things to note in my garden update:

My avocado tree has TINY avocado’s on it! I don’t know what that means really because it’s too small (probably) to produce anything that is edible BUT: my cousin came over and she was telling me about her awesome avocado tree and how it took 7 years to produce avocado’s for her. Now that it does WOW she gets a TON of awesome avocados from it! But it took seven years. She attributes that to the fact it is in mostly shade.  As she was speaking, she was starring and looking at my 5′ newly planted avocado tree and she squealed OMG! Putting out her hand and gently cradling a teenie, tiny, quarter sized ball that in fact looks just like an avocado! (duh maybe because it IS one) LOL amazing! I got to read up on these things and I do need to trim the tree too it’s too bushy and shouldn’t be 🙂 but what great news!

Also great news is my plum tree is showing plums! Yup they too are about the size of a golf ball but they are there! Growing stuff is so exciting and fun 🙂

Free dirt, bricks, logs and plants!

Saw this and had to share. Look up your state/city etc… and find lots of cool free stuff. Is especially great for those of us that love working outside – also great for wood burning fireplaces.

Click here—->     Free Garden Exchange

Creative gardening ….

Finally was able to get a few flowers for my brick garden today. Should be interesting to see how they do. It was overcast all day today in Long Beach, CA the high was 58° F and we have rain in the forecast! I am so excited because my rain barrel is empty and also my lawns are drying out (even though I water three times a week!). So possible rain for Monday afternoon through Tuesday early evening — my garden could use it.

Anything new in your garden?

I know my sister lives next door and she has some real cool zucchini’s being formed I am so excited. She gardens in mostly shade so she’s be focusing on things that don’t require tons of sun – and although zuke’s do say they require a lot in the books – you never know what works best in your yard until you try! We love the zuke’s between her house and mine. We grill them, eat them in salads and make the best zucchini bread west of Texas. They kids are already asking for some!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend – be safe!

Flower seeds are doing well!

Had to let you know that the seeds I bought at the Dollar Tree – the ones in the packets worked out great. The ones in the box did not. Just a FYI — here is a pic of the seeds that are working out – so far so good! The box of seeds they sold me that I planted in the tub on my front porch, as you may recall from my posts, would not produce a thing. I ended up putting some flowers in it from the nursery and giving up on the seeds. So if this little green pot of flower seeds ends up producing some flowers we’ll be in business.

I know that seeds can last for up to five years some times so who knows when the Dollar Tree got those seeds etc. Maybe the box was from years past and the packets were newer, I guess that’s the price one pays for a dollar!

Oh ya and also – my rain barrel is empty! Yup! I know 55 gallons of water a month ago and now it’s dry. You can be that I will have another rain barrel daisy chained to this one by our next rain. Have a great Sunday!

YaY! Tomatoes! I see them!

How often do you water?” my neighbor Cal said over the fence, “Like three times a week?” “Yup” I replied. He continued “You know those corn seeds I gave you have to be kept very moist until they are about 6″ tall.” I replied “Gotcha” and from there I wished him well and headed back to my garden. “I’ve got to water those corn seeds” I thought, so I watered and watered and day dreamed and starred and suddenly I saw them! TOMATOES! We have fruit people! I am going to be a mama!

Things are going great in my garden! I am excited for ANYTHING to grow so I can get some results 🙂 I have worked so hard and now it’s all about the waiting — it’s the hardest part!