The corn has been planted!

Well I dug up the row in my garden that was drown by the rains and the fact that we are missing a rain gutter on that side so I have an entire row to figure out what to plant. I do have quite a few seedlings that are ready to be planted so there won’t be any trips to the nursery. I am pretty sure there will be a zucchini and some green beans filling up that row. For a few days I am leaving the dirt I dug up to dry out – it is the most wet soil of my entire garden. I also have a big bag of 3 cubic feet of soil that I will use when planting there.

I also weeded the far corner of the garden and planted corn. My neighbor had given me a baggie full of organic corn seeds that he grows every year. So I planted three small rows, which also follows along the rule to rotate crops – my corn was not in this area last season. Emmitt, my garden gnome, moves around the garden and guards plants in need of a little attention. So of course, he is now by the corn.

On the flower front all the beauty’s are doing great. Both my front yard flower beds and the backyard one are doing very well. Remember to keep the soil moist when planting seeds — until you see the seedlings reach the surface then you can back off the watering a little bit so the roots have plenty of oxygen as well.

Enjoy your day!

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3 responses to this post.

  1. I like the clip show you have going on. Very neat. I thought of you last week at VanDusen Garden’s plant sale. Entry to the garden was free for the day, so once I had my plants I took a wander around. They had a large section of those big cement planters, and a few small one’s like the one you recently planted, filled with rock garden sediums and Hens & Chicks. I love the look!


  2. Awesome girl! I love love love the flower pics! My question is……are you going to Pantyhose the corn??


  3. That is so awesome Laura I know exactly what you mean! — and Kerry Jean YES I am going to put pantyhose over the corn husks so bugs don’t get in! LOL dollar store trip coming up!


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