Onions are nearing harvest…..

These red onions I am growing are looking so healthy! I do wish I had not planted them all at the same time, I got a little over excited ……. I should have at least done them a week apart – oh well live and learn. I have read that they will be ready to pick when the green parts there begin to droop and lay on the ground, according to when I planted them they should be ready to harvest in about a week so we’ll see. I also have to read more about harvesting them because some onions need to dry out before they can be eaten too, so more research is required.

The big question is: Why do onions make you cry?

When you cut into an onion, the cell walls are damaged releasing a sulfur compound called propanethial-S-oxide which floats into the air. This compound is converted into sulfuric acid when it comes in contact with water which is why it stings your eyes. Chilling inactivates the propanethial-S-oxide so it does not float into the air. Thus, no tears.

To keep eyes dry when chopping onions, try chilling peeled onions in the refrigerator before chopping. To get the onion smell off of your hands, rub with lemon juice or vinegar. To freshen onion breath, chew a little parsley or a coffee bean.

Enjoy your onions!

Charlie wishes you a great week! Don’t worry about the garden, he’ll keep an eye out.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that Charlie is so dang cute! I would never have thought to space out the planting of onions….duh..huh? Well we can look for oniony recipes! Your garden looks fabulous girl!! Come on summer BBQs!


  2. Your garden looks GREAT!! Ok, I’m going to be watching and learning from you! I had no idea how to know when my onions are ready… and thought you just picked ’em and ate ’em. There’s a lot to learn!


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