Flower seeds are doing well!

Had to let you know that the seeds I bought at the Dollar Tree – the ones in the packets worked out great. The ones in the box did not. Just a FYI — here is a pic of the seeds that are working out – so far so good! The box of seeds they sold me that I planted in the tub on my front porch, as you may recall from my posts, would not produce a thing. I ended up putting some flowers in it from the nursery and giving up on the seeds. So if this little green pot of flower seeds ends up producing some flowers we’ll be in business.

I know that seeds can last for up to five years some times so who knows when the Dollar Tree got those seeds etc. Maybe the box was from years past and the packets were newer, I guess that’s the price one pays for a dollar!

Oh ya and also – my rain barrel is empty! Yup! I know 55 gallons of water a month ago and now it’s dry. You can be that I will have another rain barrel daisy chained to this one by our next rain. Have a great Sunday!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Still so jealous of your city sponsored rain barrels. I hope they turn onto this soon. Our city already has a phenomenal composting system. They collect green waste/compost weekly through the summer months. Now if only they would continue to green it up with rain barrels!

    It’s amazing what sprouts and what doesnt. I’ve heard good things about dollar store seeds.


  2. Are you able to get compost from the city after they collect it?

    I want another rain barrel and another — I have checked them out online and the one they gave me would cost about $120 …..

    do you get a lot of rain?


  3. Looks like some pretty Cosmos coming up!! I like Cosmos because they remind me of mom….and her cat Cosmo….


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