Creative gardening ….

Finally was able to get a few flowers for my brick garden today. Should be interesting to see how they do. It was overcast all day today in Long Beach, CA the high was 58° F and we have rain in the forecast! I am so excited because my rain barrel is empty and also my lawns are drying out (even though I water three times a week!). So possible rain for Monday afternoon through Tuesday early evening — my garden could use it.

Anything new in your garden?

I know my sister lives next door and she has some real cool zucchini’s being formed I am so excited. She gardens in mostly shade so she’s be focusing on things that don’t require tons of sun – and although zuke’s do say they require a lot in the books – you never know what works best in your yard until you try! We love the zuke’s between her house and mine. We grill them, eat them in salads and make the best zucchini bread west of Texas. They kids are already asking for some!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend – be safe!


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  1. Nice blocks! I’m growing Zucchini this year. Fingers crossed that it will like my part shade!


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