Succulents :) aren’t they pretty!

Succulents are so exciting! I never thought they would be so much fun. My sister Kerry’s great friend (and Master Gardner) Patty, came over to teach us about succulents today! How nice is that having a private lesson?! Patty teaches succulents to groups of Master Gardner’s in training. I hope that will be us some day. She also brought over a lot of slips from her succulents and taught us how to slip our own as well. Together we made quite a few beautiful arrangements! I think they are are so pretty!

A few other exciting things to note in my garden update:

My avocado tree has TINY avocado’s on it! I don’t know what that means really because it’s too small (probably) to produce anything that is edible BUT: my cousin came over and she was telling me about her awesome avocado tree and how it took 7 years to produce avocado’s for her. Now that it does WOW she gets a TON of awesome avocados from it! But it took seven years. She attributes that to the fact it is in mostly shade.ย  As she was speaking, she was starring and looking at my 5′ newly planted avocado tree and she squealed OMG! Putting out her hand and gently cradling a teenie, tiny, quarter sized ball that in fact looks just like an avocado! (duh maybe because it IS one) LOL amazing! I got to read up on these things and I do need to trim the tree too it’s too bushy and shouldn’t be ๐Ÿ™‚ but what great news!

Also great news is my plum tree is showing plums! Yup they too are about the size of a golf ball but they are there! Growing stuff is so exciting and fun ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. I like the succulent plantings. Great colour combo’s! Growing stuff is neat!


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