Summer is 17 days away!

The weather in Long Beach, CA has been mostly sunny with temperatures rising to near 75F. It looks like summer is on its way. Monday, June 21, at approximately midnight is the official first day of summer for 2010 in the Northern Hemisphere (Summer solstice). My garden is doing so well I am very pleased this year. Everything is growing as planned and we will be able to harvest a few vegetables soon. This photograph is of my round zucchini. I have two regular shaped zuke plants and a couple round ones. I have never grown round zuke’s before but saw them in a seed catalog and wanted to try. One zuke plant has 3 baseball sized, bright yellow zuke’s on them and weirdly enough — the other zuke plant has two baseball sized bright green zuke’s, so we’ll see. I am ready to cut myself off the grocery store and begin feasting on the land. According to what I have read these round zuke’s are used for the same things the regular shape zuke’s are for and these are especially great for cutting in half and stuffing due to their shape. These are ready for harvest when they are about softball sized.


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  1. Round zucchini’s! I wonder if the yellow ones will turn, or stay that colour? I hope to be covered in zucchini’s this summer myself. I have half a dozen plants out there, but the weather hasn’t been favorable. So we will see. I have to do a survey of my back patch today. See what needs replanting. Good news is it’s warm today! A reminder of what summer is supposed to be for sure. For now I’ll just savor your pictures!


  2. What should WE do to season them?? BBQ weather is here!


  3. Your zucchini is looking good. No problems with powdery mildew? Squash season is over here. A very short season this year since planting out was delayed by almost a month due to unusually late freezing weather into March. I am jealous!


  4. Sorry to hear that Wendy! 🙂


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