Lots of action in the garden!

Here is today’s harvest! This is my second harvest this season as you may remember we had zucchini last week. Here are two round zuke’s and a handful of beans, they were my lunch. I just boiled some water toss in chunks of zuke and the beans and let simmer for about seven minutes. Then tossed it all in a bowl with a dash of I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter and Yum! I hope you’ve had the feeling of a full belly from treats from you garden as I did today.

Another project I am helping my sister with is gifts for her school teacher friends. Kerry is an elementary school vice principal and teacher of 5th grade gate kids. School is coming to an end for this year and the last day is June 18th. Kerry always gives out a few gifts to fellow teachers, her room Mom and others so she bought these cute little pots from Crate and Barrel, her husband Paul drilled holes in them and I helped her fill them up with succulents, aren’t they great? It’s a nice, inexpensive gift that they could have forever as we all know how long succulents stay around. These aren’t perfect yet, Kerry will do some fine tuning this weekend after she is all caught up with report cards — but they sure are cute!

I would love to hear about any garden gifts you have given or received. I think it’s a great way to share the environment with someone by giving them something they have for a very long time.


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  1. Garden gifts are great! I often use succulents when I’m potting for a friend. A few times I’ve done Margarita glasses filled with succulents, and that is my all time favorite gifts. I like using interesting pots or shiny glass containers too. Last year I did up some cute flowers in sparkly glass goblets for my kids preschool teachers. This year we are going to go more basic (as in I haven’t started yet, and there is only one week to go!) so I’ll probably do simple pots w/flowers.


  2. You did a beautiful job sis….thank you soooooo much! And,,,,,that bbq’d Zuke was yummy!!!!! I love you!


  3. Super! 🙂 And there are more zuke’s!


  4. Those are really cute, cute!
    I planted some different Italian herbs in a flower pot with a good al dente recipe and some pasta noodles for the people that like to cook.

    Oh I wanted to tell you I dug up the potatoes I planted from your growing potatoes challenge all I had were red potatoes and they turned out great. Thanks again for the tip.


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