Beautiful flowers in the garden!

I was hesitant to plant flowers – there are gardeners that favor flowers and those that favor vegetables, I am the latter. This bed is perfect for growing things because it is dead center of the back of my yard and gets 10 hours of sun each day. But being the nice girlfriend I am, I obliged when my boyfriend asked me to please plant a few flowers, something nice to look at and will bring some color to the back yard. Who would have thought by the time they would bloom and look so pretty as they do he would break up with me! Amazing 😉 so I am enjoying them myself. Don’t get me wrong the minute they start to not look so good they are coming out! I need to plant some berries and I have the perfect trellis ready to go! But until then…..ahhhhhh flowers!


8 responses to this post.

  1. I lOvE lOvE LOVE flowers!! Beautiful girlie! sTuPiD bOyFrIeNd….grrrrrrrrr……


  2. Such beautiful blooms!! Sounds like you’re better off with the flowers than the guy ;).


  3. Who needs a man to bring you flowers when you can just grow your own!


  4. Amen! Girl Power 🙂 thanks ladies!


  5. Flower last longer than most men 😉 I do the same thing. I start eying a spot that be ‘just perfect’ for whatever random plant obsession I’m into at that moment. Then the minute it looks, stretched and tired, there I am digging! It never ends does it?


  6. Never! –Love it 🙂


  7. Just think of all the beneficial insects they will attract. I bet your harvest will be much greater than it would have been without them.


  8. That is what I was hoping too Wendy. And I need my avocado tree to be pollinated so not sure what that takes but hopefully flowers will help.


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