You can freeze zucchini?!?!

I am harvesting a lot of zucchini’s – they are growing so well that between my house and next door we have too many! So I decided to freeze them, yup I read you can slice them and freeze them – what a relief! This photo is of today’s harvest (had I not known to freeze them I would not have harvested ). I am a true believer that you should not harvest until you are ready to eat, as we all know — or they will sit on your counter top and go bad. I cut them in nice slices and put them in some one quart zip-lock freezer bags and ended up with seven nice sized bags in the freezer. If it doesn’t work I’ll let you know but I read in many places on the net that they will freeze just fine.

Also, as you can see in the photograph, I harvested my first tomatoes today! They are looking good there is about 40 yellowish/orange ones on the verge of being harvested but today I ended up with these two – can’t wait to try them tonight in a salad at Kerry’s!

I truly hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer day.


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  1. Thanks so much girl!!……Come on over for dinner!!……and….PS…….I do see that Omaha box in your freezer!! ….bring that too! LOL


  2. I didn’t realize you could freeze that. Good to know! Great looking harvest!


  3. It’s weird how we think you can freeze certain things and not the other. We freeze a lot of veggies so why not zuke’s .. whoda thunk!


  4. […] you know you can freeze zucchini? That’s what Colleen at So Cal Gardening […]


  5. It will thaw out very watery. I shred mine and freezer bag it. Make zucchini potato pancakes, cookies, breads, what ever I can think of it goes in.


  6. Posted by Lee in Iowa on March 5, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    They come out with a consistency sort of like oysters–a fat slimy thing in your mouth. Not my fave. Tamara’s idea is best–shred to freeze and figure on using in zucchini bread. Next summer, I’m going to try drying some zukes, Carol Deppe’s way (The Resilient Gardener, great great book!).


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