Today’s harvest = tomatoes! YaY!

I have been waiting for this day! Where I can harvest more tomatoes than I need so I can share and today was the day. Wow these little babies are perfect and taste so good! Also got the green bell pepper, two round zucchini’s and the one long zucchihi – life is good. I hope you have an enjoyable 4th of July weekend – Happy Birthday USA!


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  1. Posted by Brit on July 1, 2010 at 1:43 am

    Those look beautiful! We finally harvested our first zuke – it was a softball size before we left for vacation but didn’t want it to go bad while we were gone, so we left it on the plant. When we finally cut it, it was the size of a small soccer ball! I’m going to cut into it tonight and fry up some pieces. 🙂 We also harvested our first tomatoes too – a bunch of cherry ones that John put into hash browns and one heirloom one that he & Ian said tasted great (I don’t like raw tomatoes though we grow a lot of them!).


  2. That’s a nice haul! Fresh tomatoes, delish!


  3. Great little harvest. We’ve had all that cool weather this year, and so my tomatoes and peppers are slow, slow, slow. Of course it doesn’t help that I pruned them to within an inch of their life…. but I’m still learning. Thanks so much for sharing the fruits of your labor.


  4. Thanks Ladies 🙂


  5. That is quite the harvest! Our tomatos have not turned color yet, but we are patiently waiting!


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