Love the Yellow Pear Tomato….

I am getting some great beans out of my garden. I have never grown beans before so wasn’t sure what to expect but all the little plants have the most gorgeous beans just hanging from them. I love to eat them while in the garden and to be honest some times I don’t even rinse them off, just chomp away — they are organic!

Here is a little basket that I harvested today. I love the yellow pear tomatoes. This basket was picked, washed and delivered to my sweet next door neighbor Ann. I put a short cut to this blog on her desktop one day when fixing her computer so she checks it out every now and then 🙂 I hope you are enjoying the fresh tomatoes, beans and onions Ann!

How is your garden coming along every one?

I hope your summer is being good to you as well.



6 responses to this post.

  1. Your basket is such a wonderful mix of fresh colours! I yearn, yearn! Those tomatoes & beans look fantastic!


  2. We’re growing yellow pears too, but they are not close to fruiting yet. Yours look amazing.


  3. The yellow pear is my favorite. I have much more luck with it though in the fall. Produces all the way until the first freeze.


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