Troubles in the Garden….

Here is a shot of today’s harvest! I am getting so many yummy yellow pear tomatoes it’s so great. This basket went next door to PeeK’s (Paul, Kerry, Erin and Ellen). We are planning to make stuffed bell peppers for dinner tomorrow. I found a great brown rice recipe that we’ll try. We are also going to make some more salsa as the first batch was great and everyone wants more!

I am having trouble with my red tomatoes. I had to tear out two plants because the tomatoes were orange for about 3 weeks now and not turning red. The entire plants looked like they were dying, I think they have blight. That is a vegetable disease that attacks the plant and you have to remove it or it will spread to all of your tomatoes, so we’ll see. I hope that is the end of that but honestly my red tomatoes aren’t doing too well. Here is some info on blight: Humble Gardener on Blight

My tomatoes probably got it because I planted too many, too close (they need air circulation!) and watering them on the foliage. I know better! Since there are so many in my garden they are growing like wildfire and they are all on top of each other etc… Not allowing any air circulation, so live and learn…..I just hope the rest make it okay.

Finally landed a job 🙂 I start with United Health Care Group on 8/2 so that will probably help the garden too — I probably over tend it.

4 responses to this post.

  1. That’s a nice harvest. Sorry about your cherry tomatos. Can you still eat them?? Congrats on your job.


  2. Yay for great new jobs! Boo for sick tomatoes!


  3. YUMMMMMMMMMMMY! We all really enjoyed those stuffed bell peppers!!!! Yummy! ……….and……..again….congratulations on the new job!!


  4. Thanks so much for the congrats on the job, I needed it! We can’t eat the orange tomatoes only because they are not ripe and I don’t think they are going to ripped 😦 but I just hope we get some more healthy ones now that I sprayed for blight and took out two plants – we’ll see.

    Kerry YES those stuffed bell peppers were yummy 🙂 and using turkey really saved us on calories! It saved us 300 calories over ground beef according to what I’ve read… YaY!


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