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Here I am!

Wow, a few years later I was thinking of my Gardening Blog and went on the hunt. I do not know why I lost track of it — and wow it’s so cool to see all the growing that was going on back in Southern California. Yeah, I moved — to Northern California 🙂 I have been here for a year and a half. I was in So. Cal, my home town – and when a job I was doing for Exxon-Mobile was complete I decided, it would be a great time to move up north and hang out with my Dad. He’s 87 and not getting any younger, so it’s been real nice to be up here to love him.

As for gardening — well of course! I garden, like most of you, regardless of where I am. So I found my blog and thought it’d be great to pick it up just in time for winter veggies! Are you ready? I sure am ….. 


Where there was none, now there is grass.