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Progress with weeds today

I am getting somewhere! There’s no other way to build a garden than with your own hands. My boyfriend did say “There has to be an easier way or a tool or piece of machine we can rent.” Yes, there probably is but this is such a small section and getting down in the dirt and picking out the grass yet leaving just enough to help the soil, there’s no better way than doing it yourself. Or in my case, my-self LOL. It’s been a little hot out there in the sun but feels good. You know we need at least 20 minutes of sun per day to get our daily dose of Vitamin D. I am almost half way done pulling weeds.


Digging the rows….

Spent a great deal of today in the yard. Digging the rows I want to plant into, although they need a little adjustment I will fix’em up with the rototiller this Friday. Going to till then add the organic matter and it’ll be ready for my April 3rd plant date.

Oh ya and I am still removing the grass as you can see from the beds along the sides. I have been letting the dirt dry up so it’s easier to shake it off and then toss the grass away. There is just so much! I have to realize nobody is going to save me by showing up and making it disappear so little by little… But I do intend to plant in the beds as well – I grew some awesome veggies in there last year and will do it again this year 🙂

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I purchased these seeds at Dollar Tree. I am going to test them to see if they actually make it. It will be interesting. Follow this project in my [project] area at the top of my blog.

Off to Home Depot

Luckily for my birthday my sister Timaree gave me Home Depot gift card. Today I am planning to go check out their gardening section. I need sand to mix with my soil so we’ll see what they have. I also should grab a bag of potting soil so I can start some of the seeds I have.

Although many of you say you can’t start gardening yet you certainly can start growing seedlings. If you do not have a nursery nearby or you want to grow things that are not available at your nursery you’ll have to start with seeds. Seedlings should be grown indoors, in a garage or shed so they don’t freeze with your frost but so they can grow and get ready to be put into the ground when the time comes.

Here is a great article and project to make your own little seedling pots – how cool is that? If I hadn’t saved so many of those disposable nursery pots I would be making these for sure.

Newspaper Seedling Pots

Okay back from Home Depot made out pretty good wow they have a great selection but I am thinking it’s too soon to start planting. I have set my plant date to April 3rd – and even the weekend after that would be good too. It’s a little chilly at night, not too bad maybe in the high 40’s or 50’s so we want to be careful. The one thing I did get today is this below:

The product overview says: Supersoil Garden Amender contains rich, organic materials and composted manure that will help to break up clay and improve sandy soils. The result is an ideal growing environment for flowers and vegetables. Plus, it contains plant foods for up to 45 days of feeding.

I got this because I could not find the right sand. I will use the three bags of this that I purchased and see if it resolves my problem which is mud like soil. If not I’ll go get the sand.

Oh ya and the few plants I picked up today are in the garage 🙂 I’ll put them in the sun during the day but it’s just a little too cold right now to leave outside.