Today’s harvest = tomatoes! YaY!

I have been waiting for this day! Where I can harvest more tomatoes than I need so I can share and today was the day. Wow these little babies are perfect and taste so good! Also got the green bell pepper, two round zucchini’s and the one long zucchihi – life is good. I hope you have an enjoyable 4th of July weekend – Happy Birthday USA!


You can freeze zucchini?!?!

I am harvesting a lot of zucchini’s – they are growing so well that between my house and next door we have too many! So I decided to freeze them, yup I read you can slice them and freeze them – what a relief! This photo is of today’s harvest (had I not known to freeze them I would not have harvested ). I am a true believer that you should not harvest until you are ready to eat, as we all know — or they will sit on your counter top and go bad. I cut them in nice slices and put them in some one quart zip-lock freezer bags and ended up with seven nice sized bags in the freezer. If it doesn’t work I’ll let you know but I read in many places on the net that they will freeze just fine.

Also, as you can see in the photograph, I harvested my first tomatoes today! They are looking good there is about 40 yellowish/orange ones on the verge of being harvested but today I ended up with these two – can’t wait to try them tonight in a salad at Kerry’s!

I truly hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer day.

Beans, Zuke’s and Potatoes!

I have been harvesting Zucchini’s all week. These round ones are real yummy and are growing like crazy out in my garden. I give most of them to my sister next door and they grill them up all kinds of fancy ways. For me I have either thrown them on the grill or diced them and snack on them throughout the day. The potatoes I dug up simply to check on them to see how they are doing — they are still pretty small, I am hoping they will get bigger. There are a few potato plants still in the ground. On to the beans! These beans are so good I can’t believe how easy they were to grow and how simply delicious they are. I just pinch off the ends and pop one in my mouth – they are very good. You can also boil a pot of water and throw them in, letting them boil for about 4-5 minutes, talk about good — and good for you! Have a great day…

We have carrots!

A quick post to show you today’s harvest – a handful of carrots! What a great treat to pulls these wonderful veggies from the garden to eat knowing they cost pennies each and taste so good, completely 100% organic right out of my own backyard, amazing.

My favorite way to cook carrots is along side a roasted chicken. With the chicken in a roasting pan I peel the carrots and then cut then into 1″ chunks. I then put them into a 8×8 Pyrex and fill it with water to the top. Cover with foil and with the oven at 375˚ after the chicken has been in for a half hour – put the carrots in the oven. In one hour you can remove them both and they will be so, so good! Drain the water into a pan (save the water to pour into your veggie garden once cool) – put the carrots in a serving dish with a tablespoon of butter along with salt and pepper 🙂 Yum!

More thank likely the next veggie up for harvest will be a few bell peppers. I have red, green and orange ones growing and they are looking real good. They are currenly a tiny bit smaller than a baseball so should double in size but with lots of water and a ton of sun they will be good to go in no time.

First Day of Summer is Monday! Wow that’s also the day Apple releases the new operating system for the iPhone iOS4 🙂 I’m excited for that too….

Beautiful flowers in the garden!

I was hesitant to plant flowers – there are gardeners that favor flowers and those that favor vegetables, I am the latter. This bed is perfect for growing things because it is dead center of the back of my yard and gets 10 hours of sun each day. But being the nice girlfriend I am, I obliged when my boyfriend asked me to please plant a few flowers, something nice to look at and will bring some color to the back yard. Who would have thought by the time they would bloom and look so pretty as they do he would break up with me! Amazing 😉 so I am enjoying them myself. Don’t get me wrong the minute they start to not look so good they are coming out! I need to plant some berries and I have the perfect trellis ready to go! But until then…..ahhhhhh flowers!

Lots of action in the garden!

Here is today’s harvest! This is my second harvest this season as you may remember we had zucchini last week. Here are two round zuke’s and a handful of beans, they were my lunch. I just boiled some water toss in chunks of zuke and the beans and let simmer for about seven minutes. Then tossed it all in a bowl with a dash of I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter and Yum! I hope you’ve had the feeling of a full belly from treats from you garden as I did today.

Another project I am helping my sister with is gifts for her school teacher friends. Kerry is an elementary school vice principal and teacher of 5th grade gate kids. School is coming to an end for this year and the last day is June 18th. Kerry always gives out a few gifts to fellow teachers, her room Mom and others so she bought these cute little pots from Crate and Barrel, her husband Paul drilled holes in them and I helped her fill them up with succulents, aren’t they great? It’s a nice, inexpensive gift that they could have forever as we all know how long succulents stay around. These aren’t perfect yet, Kerry will do some fine tuning this weekend after she is all caught up with report cards — but they sure are cute!

I would love to hear about any garden gifts you have given or received. I think it’s a great way to share the environment with someone by giving them something they have for a very long time.

My favorite strawberry shot…