References & Links

Friends’ Blogs – please check these out they are friends’ blogs that are near/dear to me.

iPhone Users Blog

Lulu’s Roller Rink Blog

Blah Blah Blah Blog


Bugs, Slugs & Other Invaders: 50 Ways to Beat Garden Enemies

New Western Garden Book by Sunset

My Favorite Websites

Garden Guides – Your Guide to Everything Gardening

Cool Links and Things for Gardening

Printable Garden Planner

Long Beach Community Gardens

Garden Pests Identification Help

Lawn Grubs ID and What to do

Growing your own potatoes from your own potatoes!

Grow your own Avocado Tree

Great gardening blogs and websites I have come across

Veggie Gardening Tips

In the Garden

Gardening for my Family

Gardener to Farmer

The Yarden

In My Kitchen Garden

Get in the Garden

Our Little Acre

Roots and Flowers

Life on the Balcony

Suburban Farmer

Skippy’s Vegetable Garden

A Way to Garden

The Cheap Vegetable Gardener

Tiny Farm

Almost Eden Plants

Great Garden Plants

Spring Hill Nursery

Summer Hill Seeds

Zone 9 Tropical Plants


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