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Little baby flowers are growing

It looks like good news for the Dollar Tree seeds – I cruised past the two pots that have the seeds in them today, I noticed they are growing! I will post pics tomorrow – gosh I hope the seeds turn into beautiful flowers that would be so cool that little box that cost a dollar was like a cup full of seeds. More tomorrow!


Planting the seeds…

As I mentioned before I purchased 3 packs of seeds and 1 box of seeds from Dollar Tree, to see if they grow. The box of seeds is pretty cool, I had no idea when you open the box there is about two cups of loose seeds in there. I guess I was expecting additional packaging. I have a big bucket out front that I sprinkled most of the seed into from the box. Next to the bucket there is a green pot that needed love so I put a bunch of seeds in there as well. After planting seeds/seedlings or any plant you water it nicely so I did that. They are both in direct sun for about 7 hours a day which is good most plants need at least six hours of direct sunlight unless otherwise noted. So here is a pic of the two planters with the dollar store seed box and the two pots lets keep an eye on them…

It has been so awesome getting ready for this years garden. I was able to start early enough to research the area of my yard I wanted to convert, read up on what I could/should attempt to grow and order a few things in advance so when the time really comes I am ready. My Dad also just signed me and my sisters up for the Gardening Club so we’ll be getting a few books etc… that will certainly help. Interesting enough my oldest sister Shannon is going to be starting her own garden this year. She lives up in northern California (95457) right on Clear Lake. She has a beautiful lake house and it will be interesting to follow her garden. Also my sister Kerry lives next door to me and she too is going to be gardening. Kerry has two very cool raised beds that she will be growing a lot of herbs, peppers, zuke’s and…..other stuff I am sure. Both of my sisters are struggling with shade. Their backyards are predominately shade so it’s cool that they can research things that can grow better in shade. That is why I am planting extra tomatoes too, because Kerry won’t be growing them this year — she just doesn’t have enough sun.

Kerry gave me this very cute herb pot for my Birthday in February 🙂 it came with its own dirt and seeds – as you can see the rosemary is growing so well out of the top and the other little spots have growth as well. I will keep you posted on this little pot!

Until next time – how is your garden?

What are you planting?

I would love to hear from you!